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Prop Guard 14" (Safety Red)

SKU: 782619-810668MODEL: 782619-810668

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Material: polypropylene

Size: 14" 

Fits: 70hp to 100hp

Color: Safety Red

  • PROP GUARD® is made to surround the propeller like a nozzle. This designed nozzle action moves water with a controlled directional force which gives the boat improved handling and more power. This nozzle action is accomplished with no moving parts to adjust or replace.

  • Whether you have an outboard or stern drive, PROP GUARD® will increase propeller efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and improve boat handling while reducing hull and engine stress.

  • Technical testing of the PROP GUARD® has proven that the performance of pleasure crafts are actually enhanced by the installation of the PROP GUARD®.

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  • Protects water skiers, swimmers, and sea life from propeller injuries.
  • Faster cruising at low motor RPM resulting in fuel savings.
  • Greater thrust (Towing Skiers or achieving planing speed).
  • Reduction of Propeller wake (preventing wake nuisance for boats nearby and preventing wake damage to river and channel banks).
  • Greater directional steering control.
  • Outstanding boat leveling trim control.
  • The vortex vanes between the outer and inner guard nozzle create a similar effect as counter rotating propeller arrangements, canceling the torque reaction, and the Propeller vortex of a single Propeller installation (Simple application for submarines and torpedoes).



Model 782619-810668
SKU 782619-810668
Weight 4.0000
Manufacturer Prop Guard
Country of Manufacture United States



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